Friday, August 27, 2010


Kayla Marie Flores Nee

Smash Club

This activity will also prepare me and prep for when Badminton season comes along. I haven't practiced very much during summer break and I would like to practice and perhaps be able to join Badminton team once again. It will be full of drills to make you have better badminton skills.

This is also another way for me to be more active in school. I wish to create a better habit in being on time. I do have an issue with this. It will give me a challenge of balancing my academics and clubs. It will prepare me to have a better schedule and balance with my time frame.

It will benefit me in improving my skills in badminton and working with other people. I mean I don't know everything in Badminton I gain some skills from last years Badminton Varsity however I wish to enhance my skills to be a better badminton player. I enjoy playing this sport and lets me relief stress after school.

This will take place in school every Monday.

Ms. Cabrera and Mr. Dominguez

I don't know?

Student Agreement

I will commit to the activity at the above-stated time/s and given duration to the best of my ability. I understand that it is my responsibility to see this activity to its completion, and once approved, can only be cancelled through negotiation with the supervisor and the CAS Coordinator. (Click the SUBMIT button to signify your agreement.)

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