Monday, May 16, 2011

FINAL CAS BLOG: Reflection over 2 years


11th grade:

1. Gordon Hospital Painting (Creativity & Service)
2. Badminton Varsity (Action)

12th grade:

1. Badminton Club (Action)
2. Girl's Basketball Club (Action)
3. Annie Jr. Production - Mrs. Pugh & a member of the Boylen Sisters (Creativity)
4. Recycling Club (Service)
5. Yearbook Club (Creativity)
6. Badminton Varsity (Action)
7. POCCH - leader (Service)
8. International Coastal Clean-Up - One of the leaders (Service)


I am glad that I was able to try many new things in school. I've always wanted to do certain things in my life, but I never had the initiative to actually do it. As seen in my "BREAKDOWN" above you can see that I did more things during my senior year rather than in my junior year. It honestly shows that I didn't do many things due to pure lack of motivation and laziness. However, things changed during senior year, I changed. 

I wouldn't have ever thought I would be dedicated to Badminton. When my friend suggested trying out for Badminton Varsity, I laughed and said I'd give it a try. I surprisingly gave my all to the sport at the end. I would make every practice that I could, without skipping for any sort of laziness. I would only miss when it came to balancing Production. I thought I was pretty good during the beginning of 2nd year of Badminton. However, when we had actual tournaments at Brent Manila I saw that I wasn't and people had "clears". I was even frustrated at our first badminton tournament because I was doing so badly. The difference in score was really big. They were so good that it would always make the line, which was still considered a point. There were times when I wanted to say it was out even it was because I was really beat down, but I said it wasn't worth it. So I dedicated a lot of time practicing how to "clear" and even some footwork. Then from so much training my partner and I won 1st place for women's doubles. Badminton improved my overall health as a stress reliever.  From making myself fit I was able to do many more activities with the energy that I had.

Another one of my friend's started the Gordon Hospital Painting project and convinced me to join along.  Ahniyah and I were normally the only ones who would go, but sometimes there would be some volunteers. I am not the best visual arts person. I told her that and I can only draw figures, which aren't too great either. I did try painting though and each visit the better the painting got. However, even while painting my focus was at the children in the hospital since we were painting the pediatrics room. Hence, this activity wanted me to initiate the POCCH activity. 

I always wanted to get involved with an Orphanage because ever since I came to the Philippines I was the person who initiated the POCCH activity. I wanted to create a big brother/big sister relationship for the children. I also wanted to have donations of supplies for the children. However, due to my poor planning skills my second goal could not go through. The children did have a close relationship with the volunteers and me, which was great. The children would play with us (ie. Basketball, Soccer etc...), and this activity gave the children time to be kids. POOCH showed me of how lucky we are and taught me to be grateful for the things that I have.

I was one of the leaders that started and got people involved in the international coastal clean-up. Being another leader in this project meant more planning. My friend and I were in charge of giving announcements during Chapel to inform the students to volunteer. I was nervous to talk to a group of many people, which stressed a reason why I wanted to join Production.  It was definitely harder than we thought to encourage people to keep picking up trash off the beach. Since I joined this activity I wanted to help a bit more about cleaning up the Philippines even in my small contribution so I ended up joining the Recycling Club. I wanted to learn how this club worked and how they were so efficient in keeping people to recycle. I was planning to start something like this when I move to Bicol, Philippines. Many countries enforce recycling to keep their environment clean, so we should try to start it in schools to influence students. From the international coastal clean-up and recycling club I was able to make some parts of Philippines more clean. This will benefit the whole country if more areas recycled.

As for Production, I was trying out for Ms. Hannigan. I didn't get the part, but I was casted as Mrs. Pugh (elderly servant) and a member of the Boylen sisters (performer). I thought that I wasn't needed ever because I only had small parts. However, I learned that EVERY SINGLE member of the cast is important and is needed a lot. I had to be constantly at practice, which conflicted with Badminton. When we finally had the show I felt confident on stage performing, talking, and singing in front of MANY people. It was a good feeling. From Production I learned to be comfortable in front a large crowd of people.

I was able to accomplish many things in many activities, but there were activities where things didn't go as planned. The main reason why I did the Girl's Basketball club was to improve on my skills to be able to make the Girl's Basketball team Varsity. I did acquire some more knowledge on Basketball, but I wasn't chosen to be on the team. It was heartbreaking, but it was learning experience for me to keep practicing.  As for Yearbook Club, I did contribute some creativity by choosing/taking pictures that would make this year's yearbook even more memorable. However, I didn't contribute that much because Production took over and when it was finished Yearbook club was over. From Girl’s Basketball I learned that even if you don’t make the team keep pressing harder for the next try-out. And from the Yearbook Club I learned that I’m only a human being and I can’t possibly balance everything. 

From every single activity I have done I was able to meet and work with new people. I was faced with challenges such as balancing activities. There were times where I felt like giving up, but I still kept going. I was able to try many new things thanks to CAS, which I probably wouldn't have gone through if it weren't for CAS. Therefore, I feel that I am a better person because of all the activities that I have participated in. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Recycling Club: Final Reflection

I was able to learn a lot of effective ways to enforce recycling in school and in the local community.
We would give letters to new houses to inform them of our purpose in the Recycling Club. The longer
that I was in the club the more houses that we eventually had to go to than in the beginning. We would go
to their house and collect the recyclables from each house. We became efficient and had assigned houses
to certain people. However, there was some houses that just wouldn't cooperate and didn't want to recycle
at all. Learning how to reach out to the student population would also increase recycling in school and out
of school. We would have announcements during school and even during homeroom periods.

Since I want to continue a certain process like this in college, what I learned was helpful. It let me
have ideas on how to start it when I move.

1. Have many announcements
2. Make letters and give it to the local community
3. Gather many members

Recycling Club: April Entry

The club has been enforcing the recycling process even more in school. Us, members of the recycling club, have been giving speeches to homerooms about "how to recycle?" Since we have these color coated trash bins with newly placed labels, we are trying to inform the students even more about the proper way to segregate. Everyone knows how to process things except the "plastic" and "everything else".So we had to distinguish that plastic containers/bottles are in the plastic section and plastic bags are in the everything else bin.

We still do our thursday routine of collecting from houses and giving letters to new houses.

Recycling Club: Feb Entry

I have been able to balance Recycling Club with everything. I rush to club automatically and rush to Badminton or Production practice depending on the days I'm needed. I am able to see how this club sends information around. They give letters at new houses informing them when they will be collecting recycling. We go to all the regular houses and collect their recycling. Then give letters to the new houses.

Yearbook Club: Final Reflection

I was only able to attend a few Yearbook Club meetings. It involved choosing pictures out of pictures that were already token from certain events from the school year. I was also assigned to take pictures of certain clubs such as "Action Shots" and a "Formal Shot". I learned that I am terrible at taking pictures. I wanted to improve that, but I couldn't due to the lack of time. When Production became serious and everyone was needed every day I was unable to make Yearbook club. However, when I finally had time to go to Yearbook club there was no club. Then the club was over because the Yearbook was finally passed in.

My goal was to make the yearbook more memorable with the best pictures that I could take a choose. However, I don't believe that I accomplished this. I only picked a few pictures and I took pictures of a few clubs. My action shots were apparently very bad and I don't know about the Formal shots. If I had more time I probably would have made more of a contribution than I did.

Yearbook Club: April Entry

I was unable to make any meetings for Yearbook Club recently. I had to focus on Production because the show was near. When I did have time to go to Yearbook Club there was no club. Then the following week there was a party to celebrate the end of the Club. I felt like I didn't really contribute to the group. Ms.Dominguez said I still was considered in the club because before hand I would attend the club and help out with choosing/taking pictures for the club.

Yearbook Club: "Journal #1"

I have never done Yearbook Club. My friends (Jana and Bryan) are in Yearbook Club so they recommended me to join in the Club.

I want to go into marketing when I am older. So in Yearbook Club it taking pictures and combining it into one whole book. It reminded me of marketing since you are in charge of portraying a certain theme/motif through visuals. In this case, pictures that reveal the entire year. It is bringing back all the memories that were from that year. So my goal is to try to contribute to a more memorable as much as I can.

This will be different for me because I've never done yearbook club. So I don't really know what I need to do. I have to use my own creativity to chose what would make the yearbook look better.