Thursday, January 27, 2011


It's hard to balance everything together.
It's one of my goals for CAS to is balance my time more.
Yet I feel like I failed...
I need to get back to it..
Well then...
I've done some planning on what to do this semester..

Production (Creativity)
Badminton (Action)
CONTINUE the POOCH activity (Service)
Recycling Club (Service)
Yearbook Club (Creativity)

I feel terrible since I promised the children at the POOCH another visit to have a christmas party..but it didn't happen because of my bad management...but I will be more assertive now with the orphanage. Since I have many papers to finish for next week I will plan a Valentines day party here at school. Since I did promise them a party. This will be great. I will need to text Kuya Zaldy when I get home and actually plan a date...

Ugh...TIME MANAGEMENT...I definitely need to work on...

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