Thursday, January 27, 2011

Orphanage visit (November 13, 2010)

This is a long and overdue blog about my experience in the orphanage..

well when i arrived at school i thought no one was going to come on time so i was scared...i waited a little while then everyone came at the same time which was shocking. so we drove over there to the POOCH and it was great however I didn't know how to start off. I mean I planned out what I was going to say...but when i was there it kind of disappeared. So i was trying to get everyone to just talk for a few minutes and get to know the boys because the girls were on there way to the boys house. (girls live in a separate house not too far off) It took a long time to wait so I just eventually started to introduce everyone formally with the boys then eventually move on to the girls. I didn't know saying names would take so long hahaha. Just as we were about to finish the girls finally came and I just made everyone repeat themselves to better enforce their names.All of the boys were excited to play outside with Abbas, Jimmy, Young Hoi, and Mitchell. So they headed out the door quickly. All of the girls were pretty shy at first however they eventually warmed up when we started the coloring and the drawing. I tried to make them laugh as much as possible so they wouldn't be so shy around me. They eventually were fine with me and weren't so shy. After a long period of coloring the children and I played outside. We played "Tag" and "Hit the can" some fun outside games. Everyone seemed shocked that I was playing children games in the street but the kids really enjoyed it. The time went by so quickly and it was almost time for us to go. And I was so shocked when I saw Kairen had bought all the snacks at a "Sari Sari store" across the street for the children. I think everyone was pretty impressed with what Kairen did. We all took a BIG group picture in the end and we were on are way back to school.

The guys were in the other van while us girls were in Ramona's car. The girls (Ramona, Mrs. Kabigting, Jana, Eun Hoi, and myself) talked about the experience of being with the children.We planned a lot of stuff to do for their christmas party but we weren't able to throw one due to my poor time management and planning. Plus it was hard to get everyone back together on one day. However I really want to make it up and have the kids come here for a Valentines day party for them.

While then I have to talk to Kuya Zaldy ASAP. Then inform Mr. Tolentino, Mr. Chandler, and the "crew".

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