Friday, May 6, 2011

Badminton Varsity: Final Reflection

I felt like Badminton was much better this year.

We actually had intense training that improved our skills. We were able to have multiple matches in Laguna, which opened my eyes to better players. I lost a lot of games. However, these better players made me work even harder to become a better player as well. I was able to learn new skills and improve old ones.

My footwork got better and I can even clear now. It took a lot of work and practice. My arm was in a great deal of pain just practicing the clears. My legs didn't get sore from practicing foot work, which is quite surprising. New people on the time were even nice about helping me practice. Our team seemed much closer this year than the team from last year.

It was hard to balance both production and badminton in March. However, I able to over the challenge and learn how to make sacrifices. Things need to be prioritized.

Winning the annual badminton tournament was definitely a big accomplishment for me.

This year's badminton was full of new experiences and it made me learn. I will continue Badminton when I go to college :)

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