Friday, May 6, 2011

Badminton Varsity: April Entry

Once Production was over I was able to go back to my regular training for Badminton.
I wasn't use to doing anything anymore and my hits became weaker. The annual Badminton tournament
was coming up this year and I felt like I didn't have a chance at placing at all. hahaha

However, It's just a game and it is good experience for me.

So I kept on training as much as possible and finally the badminton tournament arrived.

I was really nervous. The mixed doubles games were brutal because I was frightened by the guy's smashes.

Then Women's Doubles were next. I was scared to verse the Cabrera sisters since they were my coach's daughters. I recall versing them last year and they were really good.

It was an intense 1st game versing game because the score was 29-29 and both of us and 1 point was the difference. My hands were shaking for the last serve...but surprisingly we won that game. Then we eventually won 1st place (Yunnie and I). It was a great feeling like all that intense training this year paid off.

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