Friday, May 6, 2011

Yearbook Club: Final Reflection

I was only able to attend a few Yearbook Club meetings. It involved choosing pictures out of pictures that were already token from certain events from the school year. I was also assigned to take pictures of certain clubs such as "Action Shots" and a "Formal Shot". I learned that I am terrible at taking pictures. I wanted to improve that, but I couldn't due to the lack of time. When Production became serious and everyone was needed every day I was unable to make Yearbook club. However, when I finally had time to go to Yearbook club there was no club. Then the club was over because the Yearbook was finally passed in.

My goal was to make the yearbook more memorable with the best pictures that I could take a choose. However, I don't believe that I accomplished this. I only picked a few pictures and I took pictures of a few clubs. My action shots were apparently very bad and I don't know about the Formal shots. If I had more time I probably would have made more of a contribution than I did.

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