Friday, May 6, 2011

Recycling Club: Final Reflection

I was able to learn a lot of effective ways to enforce recycling in school and in the local community.
We would give letters to new houses to inform them of our purpose in the Recycling Club. The longer
that I was in the club the more houses that we eventually had to go to than in the beginning. We would go
to their house and collect the recyclables from each house. We became efficient and had assigned houses
to certain people. However, there was some houses that just wouldn't cooperate and didn't want to recycle
at all. Learning how to reach out to the student population would also increase recycling in school and out
of school. We would have announcements during school and even during homeroom periods.

Since I want to continue a certain process like this in college, what I learned was helpful. It let me
have ideas on how to start it when I move.

1. Have many announcements
2. Make letters and give it to the local community
3. Gather many members

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  1. I am glad that you plan/want to continue this project in college. As you have experienced, it is not easy though to get the whole community to support it, even if it is the community who will benefit the most. I am curious how you plan to address this problem, especially in a new place where there might not be a recycling club to begin with? How can you get the community to buy into something like this?