Thursday, September 16, 2010


Kayla Marie Flores Nee

International Coastal Clean Up

I really wanted to take up an organizing role with this activity because
most of the time whenever I go to the beach I see a ton of garbage in
the water or in the sand. It gets me angry whenever I see that and I
pick it up and through it away. I mean it's not only my beach or someone
else's beach it's everybody's beach. We should do our best to try and
keep it clean. Philippines is such a beautiful country, however, the
excessive trash everywhere especially in the beaches destroy how
Philippines was. I want to do my best and try to get as many people
involved in this project to help. I will be working with hopefully many
other students from Brent Subic.

This is definitely a new challenge to help out of this international event.
I've never really helped in cleaning a beach of for the sake of helping
our planet. I will be working with other people from the Brent Subic
community and also with other people here in the Philippines. I want to
strive to work my hardest to promote or do whatever I can for the beach
here. I know being eco-friendly is now a globally important issue and I
would like to do my part in fulfilling my commitment to the environment.
I want to be able to push myself to help out the community and the
world. I want to clean as much as I can to make this beach sparkle with
cleanliness :D

Everyone will benefit from this. There are plenty of people who swim in that
water or walk on that beach. I even walk along that beach and I have
seen a lot of trash. If the beaches or the environment in general of
Philippines was cleaner there would be less pollution around. The less
pollution will help everyone because there won't be so much trash around
and breathing the gust of polluted air.

Once on the beach in front of Lighthouse. September 25, 2010

Mr. T

Brent Subic

Student Agreement

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