Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Smash Club

Okay well I have finally got myself to write an entry after a while. What Mr. T said was definitely a wake up call for me. Well then I'm not too sure if I should separate each entry for each club so I will anyways just to be sure. Anyways, we have smash club every Monday and it's particularly hard to adjust back to school and being focused. Especially that we are getting back from the weekend the drills we have to do are hard to come back to because I haven't done Badminton drills since last school year. However, I want to improve my skills in this sport because when I've seen other players play this sport their really good. Then I look at my skills and I think aw..I want to be like that, that would be great. So I do my best to push myself when we do drills so I can become better. I plan to at least learn some new badminton skills such as smashing, perfecting footwork, and better drop shots. I also want to enable myself to get along with more people. Other than that, Smash Club has been typical. We run around, stretch, then do long shots.

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