Thursday, September 16, 2010

A lot of work ahead of me.

I just had a meeting with Mr. T and it seems like a lot of work for me later on and I think it be good for me. I mean I need some experience with handling people and setting things up. After all I do want to move towards the Business field in the world which will have to do a lot with. Reflections, feed back, handling issues, handling people, and organizing a lot of events. This will benefit me a lot. I just talked to Mrs. Parcia at the POCCH and she seems to be pretty welcoming. The hard part is to try to look professional and know what I'm doing and want...Ekk..I'm kind of nervous, however, I got to step up my game! YEAH! I just have to think of some questions to ask her.

1. I do plan on asking what conditions and different backgrounds these children are coming from other than they were abandoned.
2. What are some particular needs that we could possibly accommodate that we could be of some service?
3. The age groups of children.
4. The amount of children I believe we all (me and volunteers) could handle.
5. Possibly any suggestions of her own that would be helpful.

Even though I do ask her some questions I am obviously going to have plans for these children. For the first time we obviously see these children I want to have us create an ''ice breaker'' make them feel comfortable with us. The first day we could possibly be an introduction day and create a BIG BROTHER and BIG SISTER bond. Maybe everyone who will volunteer could have a certain child assigned to them, that they could particularly grow close to. I mean they can be close to everyone by all means, however the idea seems nice. In states with that program I have seen many people grow happier because they finally have someone to lean on. Not only will this day have an introduction, I will have the children play certain sports with everyone. Near the afternoon before we leave we could possibly read to these kids and help them also read and have them take a nap. That should be a good ice breaker for the first day and then have more of a better of idea to plan the next visit.

I'm excited to start. It's something new to me and it will benefit everyone :)

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