Monday, September 20, 2010

Smash Club pt.2

Today was most definitely a challenging day. I was playing badminton with Mr.Higgins and he was pretty good to me. He also taught me some new strategies in badminton which were really helpful. I learned where I should stand when someone is serving the birdie. I also learned that I have really bad footwork. hahahaha. I knew that in the past, but I thought I had improved a bit...I guess not. I need to get better at footwork and strategics while playing. It seems hard to think while playing because everything goes by quickly I can't even focus on where someone is while their playing. I want to be able to improve that, ABSOLUTELY NEED TO get better at footwork. I swear if I had better footwork I'd get the birdie most of the time. It was definitely a good day for badminton to learn some new things. :)

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