Sunday, September 19, 2010

Finally went to the Orphanage.

It took a while getting there since I had no specific address to the orphanage. We asked people if they knew where the POCCH organization was and a lot of people did not know. It kind of made me feel sad because these people who were from Calapandayan did not even know of the Orphanage. I first went to the boy's house and the older boys did not seem to want me there. However, the little boys liked me being there because they seemed pretty interested. There were 33 boys and 31 girls. After wards, I went to the girl's house and it seemed in better shape than the boys house. My favorite part of the whole visit to the girls house was being with the little toddler/babies. They were adorable and very pleased to see me. There was one girl who wanted me to hold her and I held her for a long time while talking to the others. She seemed to really like me and I really liked her as well for her sweet attitude. However, I had to move on and see the other girls in the building so I had to put her down. She cried A LOT when I did, I told her I would be back. We went to another room with these children that were disabled. I felt really bad because they seemed to be kind of sad just laying there and there was one boy who was very active and alive but he was deaf and couldn't speak. They told me he was very smart and trying to learn sign language. I would like to help him achieve that since there are many books available to teach people sign language. After that I went upstairs and spoke to the rest of the girls upstairs their ages ranged from 5 to 18 the younger ones ONCE AGAIN seem to like me more. I expected because once you get older you become more conscience of things. I didn't blame them at all for that. I tried to get to know them as much as I could before I left. They all remembered my name and yelled out multiple times BYE BYE ATE KAYE. Even my own cousin Mary they remembered her name as well. It made me laugh. hahahaha.

I was talking to one of the lady's who worked there and I believe her name was Ate Tess? I asked her what are the needs that the orphanage needed.

She told me that they needed:

1. School Supplies
2. Shoes/Slippers
3. Clothes
4. Books for their STARTING library (English or Tagalog)

I plan to have the first day we actually go to the orphanage on Oct. 16, 2010. It will be the introduction day of all of my other volunteers and the other children. I want them to get use to one another and to at least remember some of the children's name it could be an "ice breaker".  One of my main goals are to help that one deaf child to learn sign language the lady said he was really smart and it would be a shame to waste it if he could not communicate with others. Obviously I need some more thinking and brainstorming for ideas about a fundraiser for them. However, I need to speak with all of the other volunteers for their ideas and suggestions. I had a good day. This will definitely spark some ideas for them.

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