Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Kayla Marie Flores Nee

Giving up to the Orphanage

I really wanted to start this project after talking to Mitchell Porter
about some ideas for CAS since I wasn't sure what to do. After some
thinking I really liked the idea with working with children since I take
care of my multiple cousins all the time. It would be good to work with
kids because they are young and just confused. Back when I first came
here my cousins were the same now they seem to be more focused a little
bit happier. I wish to accomplish that, I want to make those children in
a particular orphanage happy. They don't have family and I try to put
myself in their shoes and I understand their life isn't easy. So at
least what I can do and other IB candidates is try to give back to those
children and help them out since there isn't very many out there to
give them support. I want to be able to spend some time with these
children play a game with them. Make them happy and maybe some original
street games would be nice and definitely new for some people to try
out. I mean I have played some of those games with my cousins to see how
it felt and it was actually enjoyable. After spending some time and
getting to know some of the children we could possibly raise a fund to
buy them books or gifts by Christmas. Maybe have someone to dress up as
Santa to brighten up their day. I'm up for any other suggestions but
other than that that seems like a plan.

I want to help those who aren't as fortunate as me or anybody else. I
have never worked with an orphanage so it would be a new challenge to
me. I plan to work with many people and I really want to get other
people involved. I need to start taking responsibility and it would be
great to start planning things for these children. I have many ideas and
suggestions my cousins have helped out. I can be a slacker so I want to
stop that habit and really press myself. I know I am not the best in
planning but i want to try it out and develop new skills. Just making it
worth it for these children before Christmas would be spectacular and
it would really make those people's day.

Children of the Orphanage and possibly other students. I want these children to
have a new experience and to create them a comfort zone where they can
be relaxed and to feel good having us around. I don't want them scared
but even if they are i want them to eventually not be. I want to show
them that they are not alone in the world and there are people who
actually do care for other people. Other possible IB candidates will
benefit by actually having like a BIG BROTHER or BIG SISTER seeming
experience. I want them to feel good for what they've accomplished not
just doing this for the CAS, but truly for these kids.

Where: I'm not sure yet?
How Often: Every other Saturday? so twice a month :)
How long: 4 hours max.

Mr. T (possibly Mr. Chandler)


Student Agreement

I will commit to the activity at the above-stated time/s and given duration to the best of my ability. I understand that it is my responsibility to see this activity to its completion, and once approved, can only be cancelled through negotiation with the supervisor and the CAS Coordinator. (Click the SUBMIT button to signify your agreement.)

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