Monday, March 7, 2011

Badminton Varsity: Entry 1

I can definitely say that I love Badminton. I look forward to practice every day. Not only does this sport allow me to release my stress from a rough day I am also learning to become a better player. Working with these new people in Badminton is great because I was able to meet new people. We get to verse more schools now and the more I verse other players the more I see I need to work on.

We had a game on February 19 at Brent Manila. It was my ACTUAL first real tournament. I was shaking and nervous because all the other girls looked so pro. I lost 2 games, won 1 because they fore fitted and won 1 on my own against another girl. Playing singles was definitely different for me since I don't get a lot of practice in that  because normally during practice we play doubles.

Since I want to become a better badminton player I need to work on my footwork and being able to clear better. Overall I need to improve. However I want to work on those aspects a little bit more.

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  1. "I need to work on my footwork and being able to clear better."

    There you go! You have just stated the particular skills that you need to work on. The statement above is what should be written as your Goal/s for Badminton this semester. Try to figure out the following as well (since this is an Action type of project):

    "How will working on these specific skills affect/improve my overall health?"