Monday, March 7, 2011

Yearbook Club: Entry 1

For the most part I attend Club every Tuesday for 30 minutes until I have Production practice. We are assigned a folder from a certain event and have to choose the best 10 or 15 from that folder. I am able to think on which photos would be the most fitting to be eventually be put in the yearbook. I also have to take pictures of clubs, events, and sports when instructed to do so. This is exciting because I get to use the school's camera and I feel like a "professional photography" when I'm not. hahahaha. I need to start taking pictures of the clubs I was assigned to soon. I emailed her today to have the list of clubs I have to take pictures of.

At least when the Yearbook comes out when I see some pictures I can say "Hey I chose that picture!" :)

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  1. Hi Kay,

    Thanks for working on this and a couple of other posts during our session yesterday.

    If this is going to be your "Journal #1" for this activity, then you'll need to address the following guide questions:

    • What is my past experience with this activity?
    • What new learning or skill do I hope to achieve or develop?
    • How will this experience be different from that of the past?
    • How am I going to know if I am making progress in achieving the goal/s I have set?

    Hopefully by answering these questions you can clarify what your actual goal is for joining this club. I don't see much personal growth happening from just the practice of choosing pictures out of a pile. How will/can this affect change/growth in you as a person?

    Please let me know once you have updated this.

    Thanks =)