Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Girl's Basketball: Final Reflection

I had never played basketball with all the rules. I might have played some games with family and friends, but
never with all the rules implied. From basketball club I learned so many things that we're needed for the sport.
I was definitely a slacker before, but with this club and smash club I was able to show more commitment.
I was on time every day and I tried my best to really push myself to get better skills. I was planning on learning
these skills for me to try out for the girl's basketball varsity team. I did not make the team. However, with
working with all these new people and coach stocking I learned the sport more.

I was terrible at shooting. Every time we had drills to improve on our shooting I wouldn't do so well.
However, I didn't give up because I really wanted to improve. I was good at defense everyone said,
but shooting the ball was were I was lacking. From what I was learning I was able to help some of
my friends who had also joined Girl's basketball club. I taught them what coach stocking taught us
because they were too shy to ask. I even got to meet new people and also help them.

Not only was I learning, I was somewhat coaching in a way.

This club was fun and helped me learn a lot of about the rules of basketball and how to improve form.
Even though I did not make the basketball varsity team I can work on the skills I need to possibly make
college basketball. It was a learning experience. It pushed me become better and occasionally I play
basketball out of school with friends and family. However, now I have gained some more skills. Some of
my family even mention "wow learned some new tricks I see". It makes me feel like I have improved. :)

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