Tuesday, April 5, 2011

POCCH: Entry 3

I have been planning a party for the children for the longest time. I kept making promises and I couldn't keep them with everyone's busy schedule. Since this is a party, I don't want things to be so tight. Meaning, 1 hour of this and 30 minutes of that. I remember when I was a child whenever we had school parties I'd hate the timing of certain activities because I would be so into one activity and not interested in another.

I could even notice on the children's last visit to our school  the children were so much more interested in playing basketball, soccer, and on the jungle gym. They even kept asking if they could play soccer or basketball constantly. I told them that they weren't able to because things were already planned for them. 

I wanted to have a pool party for them, but talking to some friends about it said it might be dangerous especially with so many children around. This was a good point so I decided not to do that anymore.

As of right now I am getting a vote from people for thurs (april 14) or friday (april 15). 

There will be 3 stations for the children.

1.) Basketball
2.) Soccer
3.) Jungle Gym

So far I have the following people who agreed to the activity:

-Bryan Jim Bala
-Ramona Kabigting
-Diana Cho (new volunteer)

I have yet to ask the others.

After the whole activity we will have them eat. We will all pitch in food.

Then afterwards can be a little farewell period because this will be the last meeting with the children.

However, I will still continue to visit them though on my time whenever I am in Subic.

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