Thursday, April 28, 2011

POCCH: April 15th Party

During the day, I kept reminding people about the children's visit at the end of the day.

All of sudden during last block people told me that Mr. T was looking for me. When I talked to Mr. T he told me that Kuya Zaldy (POOCH representative) and the bus came there. However, he didn't know that the visit was today because I forgot to tell him. I talked to him a week before the visit about the visit being either thursday or friday. I just didn't confirm it. When Mr. T told me that my heart skipped a beat. Kuya Zaldy was trying to call me, but I didn't notice because I was in the Spanish class.

Then I texted Kuya Zaldy to call me again. When I talked to him I was so nervous and he was like I don't remember you telling me it was happening friday. I said I was sorry many times and he said it was okay. He asked if everyone in the orphanage could go. I said yes because I never minded having everyone, especially for this party.

Luckily they could go I thought that the visit wouldn't push through. I kept going back and forth from the Cafeteria, Playground, Field, and Gym.  Once everyone was at there station, I introduced the kids from POCCH to EVERYONE (VOLUNTEERS) to make sure they remembered their names.

Then I went to the Cafeteria with Bonnie Cho to ready the food for the children. When that was done I checked on the volunteers and children. I even played with the children a little bit then when it was 5:20pm I invited the kids to eat.

Everything went out organised which i didn't expect. Everyone was happy and had a great time.
I was so sad that this would be the last organised visit I would be able to make with the children.

I missed them terribly when they left. I'll still visit them when I graduate. Every time I'm down here in Subic.

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