Thursday, April 28, 2011

Production: March Entry

I didn't know I was needed so much in Production especially in Act II.

I wasn't taught the Boylen Sister dance so every time we had to do that scene Miss would always
get mad at me because I didn't know it. It was so hard to do, I felt like I had two left feet. They
kept changing the movements so I got really confused.

Then there was so many scenes that I was in, which meant more songs and more blocking to memorize.
It was so much harder than I thought. I wanted to give up and quit. I was getting nervous that I didn't
memorize my songs perfectly and it was almost show time.

The more run-throughs we did the more comfortable I became with new people. Talking and moving on stage even became easier for me.

However, I was disappointed by the fact that Ms. Fernandez didn't allow me to my last Badminton Tournament in Laguna. I really wanted to verse a certain student on the Brent Manila team. It was such a "let down" :(

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