Thursday, April 28, 2011

POCCH: Final Reflection

These 3 visits with the POCCH children were definitely memorable.

The first visit was at the POCCH organization itself. It let the volunteers see their living conditions and just to get to know the children in general. They seemed shy, but they eventually warmed up to us. It was great because in Filipino culture you use "Ate" and "Kuya" as a sign of respect for an elder. It was like building that brother/sister-like relationship. People surprised me with how they acted because it was a soft side to people. Those people are normally tough, but they grew a soft spot for the kids. It was nice to see.

The second visit was organised by Mr. T and Mrs.Kabigting. I know the visit was a good thing, because it made me keep track with this activity that I organised in the beginning. Seeing, the children again was a great feeling especially when they rushed towards me screaming ATE KAY. Playing with the children again was fun because they had so much energy. I got real close to the kids, when we were eating. I ate with the children and talked to them and got to know them even more. I think everyone got closer to the children.

The last visit went out better than I thought. Even though there was a rocky start of not informing the POCCH organization of the visit they still were able to attend the party. Spending this time with the children was nice because it wasn't as tight. They were free to play whatever they wanted. They were even stuffed from all the food that we had. It was a great feeling.

Through these 3 visits I definitely saw the growth in the relationship between the volunteers and the children. I got real attached to the kids. It reminded me of my little cousins. I will visit the POCCH organization every time I visit Subic. I will continue helping Orphanages even when I move away to College.

I truly will miss the kids....

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