Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Recycling Club: "Journal #1"

I've never done recycling club before.

I would see people in my old school in States in some sort of group collecting recyclables. I didn't think it was as emphasized as it is here at my present school. I mean people even have signs where things should be in. There are even announcements occasionally. Not only that, but my friend Ahniyah is in recycling club and she invited me to join.

Well my goal is to learn how things are organized in order to go through this system of recycling. I wanted to continue it in my college in Naga, Philippines. I mean Naga is such a nice place which is similar to Subic, but it is lacking cleanliness. I saw trash everywhere so I wanted to make a group who would possibly have the same interest as me and help Naga. I also want to help clean up Subic because there are still people who just dump trash everywhere.

I've never done recycling club, but the only form of picking up of trash was during the International Coastal Clean Up. This club seems more organized and well thought out so this will help me in the future and mimic the actions token.

If I am making progress, I will know how to organize and broadcast this message in my College. Then if I see that Subic is a bit more cleaner that means I am reaching my goal.

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