Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PRODUCTION: Final Reflection

At first I thought that doing production would be an easy task accounting for that I didn't have a big role. So in the beginning I was rarely ever needed so I could balance everything I was doing easily. (Badminton Varsity, Yearbook Club, and Recycling Club)

We would have rehearsals with Ms.Fernandez about blocking and music rehearsals with Mrs.Davis.

The first couple of weeks of rehearsals were easy I felt that I had everything down for ACT 1.

During the end of march into april i was needed so much. I felt angry that I was torn between Badminton and Production. There was a full Technical Dress Rehearsal on April 2 which was also the last Badminton Tournament in Laguna. I really wanted to verse certain badminton players so I was really angry that I was not allowed to miss that day of technical rehearsal.

But it was worth it actually because ms.fernandez had to re-do the blocking so if i had missed that I wouldn't have known about it. It was hard to learn the songs because I needed to memorize the songs, and ms.fernandez got mad at me because I didn't learn them yet. The show was coming up and I was getting nervous because I needed to memorize the songs and the blocking. I even had to really BECOME my character on stage (Mrs.Pugh and a Boylen Sister)

I was able to meet a ton of new people because of Production and they were able to help me learn the blocking and the songs.

At home I even practiced because I needed to portray my character's to the best of my ability without making it awkward.

The day of the show finally arrived and everyone was nervous. I was wearing glasses that had a GRAD. for my character as mrs.pugh and i felt that i was going to fall of stage of some sort. Then the whole changing and changing of mics was difficult because you always had to be alert.

However, when we finished the show I was actually sad because I was going to miss the acting and the people. I recall complaining so much about this Annie Production but I eventually learned that I liked it. It made me regret not joining last year.

From this experience it made me have a deeper appreciation for theatre and my theatre class because I didn't realize how difficult it was until the end product. I felt really proud.

People said I was a much better grandma "mrs.pugh" than a boylen sister. Which means I have places where I need to improve that I will keep in mind for the future.

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