Thursday, April 28, 2011

Production: April Entry

April 2, was exhausting. Not only wasn't I able to be with my team in Laguna. We had so many run-throughs and it was something new to me. It's a good thing that I went to this day of run-throughs and "fix-ups" because there were a lot of blocking that was changed. I was "knocked-out" when I got home.

We had every day rehearsals until the show April 7 & 8.

I was nervous for the first show. I became conscience when I had to come on stage because the GRAD for the glasses were so strong and when I looked down it was so fuzzy. I thought I would fall on stage. However, I thought to myself these people are here to WATCH us so give them a good show. So, my conscience behavior disappeared. However, during the Boylen sister dance I messed up so much. I was so embarrassed afterwards. The other scenes in the end went great though! Exhausting, but great.

The second night was great too. However, there were many technical difficulties and the last couple of servant  scenes seemed like it was lacking. Everyone was hitting one another, but we just shook it off because we were on stage. I guess everyone was just tired.

It was a great show! I actually started missing production.

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